Payment Security in South Africa: A Discussion with Stakeholders

Posted by Mark Meissner on 22 Apr, 2021 in Events and Interview and PCI SSC
  The PCI SSC Security Summit of South Africa, an online event took place this week with more than 3... READ MORE

Payment Security in India: 2020 India Forum

Posted by Mark Meissner on 19 Nov, 2020 in Small Business and PCI Forensic Investigator (PFI) and eCommerce and Breaches and Training and Events and Awareness and Interview and Board of Advisors and PCI SSC and QSA and Participation and India
As Associate Director for India, Nitin Bhatnagar is responsible for driving awareness and adoption o... READ MORE

PCI SSC to Host its 2020 Community Meetings Online as Virtual Events

Posted by Alicia Malone on 15 Sep, 2020 in Events and Community Meetings and Interview and PCI SSC and Participation and Remote Access
  In an unprecedented year, PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) will host its 2020 Community Me... READ MORE

The State of Payment Security in Brazil

Posted by Lindsay Goodspeed on 25 Jul, 2017 in Malware and Events and Community Meetings and Interview and ATM Security
  Leading up to the Latin America Forum in São Paulo, Brazil, Associate Regional Director Carlos Cae... READ MORE

Acquirers: There's a PCI Forum Just for You!

Posted by Laura K. Gray on 15 Jan, 2016 in Acquirers and Events
Merchants rely heavily on their acquiring banks to help them with their PCI security efforts. We und... READ MORE