Understanding New PCI Guidance on MFA

Posted by Laura K. Gray on 9 Feb, 2017 in Guidance and Passwords and Interview and PCI DSS and Multi-Factor Authentication and PCI SSC
  Attackers continue to compromise valid credentials to access company networks and steal data. To h... READ MORE

Assessor Viewpoint: Q&A on Scoping and Segmentation Guidance

Posted by Lindsay Goodspeed on 15 Dec, 2016 in Guidance and Interview and PCI DSS and Scoping and Segmentation
The Council just published new Guidance for PCI DSS Scoping and Network Segmentation to help clarify... READ MORE

Why Become a PCI Professional? Here are 3 Good Reasons

Posted by Gill Woodcock on 8 Apr, 2016 in Guidance and Training and Awareness and PCI DSS and PCI Professional
If you are looking at the PCI Professional (PCIP) program you may be asking “What’s in it for me?” o... READ MORE

New Guidance: Responding to a Data Breach

Posted by Laura K. Gray on 29 Sep, 2015 in Breaches and Guidance and Community Meetings
For any organization connected to the internet, it is not a question of if but when their business w... READ MORE